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My Wedding Companion can be used on all versions of Windows and gives you more "bang for your buck" than any other wedding software in the market. (Mac users can use the software under certain emulators). A new version of the software is now available for download!
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Installation Instructions

  1. Locate the mwcv50.exe file that you just downloaded on your computer using Windows Explorer. You should find the file in your download folder or your default temporary folder Execute the file you just downloaded by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer.

  2. The file will extract itself in your default temporary folder, typically c:\windows\temp or c:\temp). Once the file has completed decompressing itself, it will automatically run the setup.exe program.

  3. You can remove the files that were extracted into your temporary folder since they are not needed any longer.
    Enjoy and may your wedding planning be a complete success!

These files constitute the FULL COMMERCIAL version of My Wedding Companion for Windows. The only limitation is that until you register and enter your registration code, you will only be able to enter a limited number guests and use the program about 25 times. Everything else is fully functional.

We run specials from time to time so make sure you check our HOME PAGE for the latest special of the day!

Order now and you can receive the registration code via email so that you will not even have to wait for the CD in the mail! (You need to email us and ask us for this code (if you order the CD). Our order line is strictly used for taking orders and does not issue the registration codes).

Now, is that fast and easy enough for you? If not, let us know and we'll do it even faster!

System Requirements

  1. IBM Compatible 486 or higher PC
  2. WindowsTM (All Versions!)
  3. 12 MB RAM minimum
  4. Hard disk drive with 15 MB free disk space
  5. Mouse and printer recommended
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