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"I am so overwhelmingly impressed of the capabilities of this software that you folks have. I had tried others but found this 'the best of the best.'" - Joe N. Leon Guerrero
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"What I like about it is that everything is organized in one place--plus, if I make a mistake or change my mind, changes can be made CLEANLY." - Aileen Yamachika, Gardena, CA
"Thank you very much!! I just love your product. It is by far the most useful item I've purchased to plan my wedding." - Sandy Antezana, future bride
Here Is A List of Some Of Our Wedding Software Benefits You Will Discover:

How will this Wedding Software help you?

  1. Save your valuable time by keeping all your information in one consolidated place
  2. Saves you stress because the software is so friendly, intuitive and easy to use
  3. Saves you money by helping you make wise and timely decisions
  4. Gives you the peace of mind knowing that all the details are under control
  5. Saves you from the embarassment of a disorganized wedding

Why is our wedding software the best?

  • My Wedding Companion has been successfully helping brides since 1995!  Our competing products don't even come close!
  • No other wedding software has our Diagram Manager(tm) - the powerful drawing utility that allows you to design your wedding formations
  • No other wedding software contains as many checklists as we do
Task List
  • Automatically builds a wedding task schedule based on your wedding date (even if wedding is only a couple of months away! Other wedding software cannot handle such a close date)
  • Contains a monthly calendar of events
  • Includes a daily organizer to manage all your daily tasks
  • Allows you to set alarms to remind you of important tasks
  • Tracks the number of days remaining till your wedding
  • Marks who is responsible for each task
  • List is fully customizable
  • Track each member of the guest party, including children
  • Marks all guests who responded to your invitations
  • Track all guests who replied to your invitations
  • Track all guests who are attending the various events of your wedding
  • Tracks the likelihood a guest's attendance...other wedding software does not track this!
  • Enter as many events as you would like for your wedding and track every detail
  • Maintains your entire guest list with quick search capabilities
  • Tracks whether you sent thank you cards to your guests and which gifts you plan to return
  • Stores your guest lunch/dinner selections 
  • Organizes your out-of-town guests
  • Tracks the guests who need accommodations
  • Logs all your gifts for every party, shower, and event
  • You can track which gifts are tied to the gift registry
  • Prints beautiful mailing labels for your invitations, thank you cards, and entire guest list
  • You can print both inner and outer envelopes
  • Customize the fonts for your labels and reports
  • Helps seat your guests at the reception easily just by dragging-and-dropping with your mouse
  • There is a special guest summary popup window that tallies up the guest totals for all events
  • You can also store extensive notes for each guest
  • Import/export guests to/from your database
  • Tracks your entire wedding budget (budgeted and actual costs)
  • Pertinent budget entries are tied back to the other screens in the application; therefore, if you entered budget information in a previous screen, the total will be transferred to this screen
  • Prints lovely graphs of your wedding budget
  • Calculations are all performed automatically for you
  • Shows if you are over/under budget
  • Add as many budget categories or items as you please
  • Track who is responsible for which budget items
  • Track when you paid each item
  • Tracks all the information related to your photographer, videographer, florist, baker, caterer, entertainment, and transportation
  • In addition to the vendors listed above, you can enter any type of vendor that you want for your wedding (i.e. calligrapher, jeweller, bridal consultant, etc.)
  • Helps you compare the various vendors and services with each other so that the bride can make the best decision between them - no other wedding software contains such customizable and thorough worksheets
  • Tracks all vendor payment amounts, due dates and deposits paid
  • Prints numerous extensive reports
  • Allows you write the directions and draw the maps to your ceremony or reception - unparalleled functionality!
  • Helps you fully customize and organize your reception menu and wedding program
  • Contains fully customizable song lists for your ceremony and reception
  • Allows you to specify the wording for your vows and stationery
  • Monitors all of your gift registry items seamlessly
  • Logs the attire for your entire wedding party
  • Lists all the elements of the bridal attire
  • Helps you plan your honeymoon
  • Tracks all the wedding attire for you and all your attendants
  • Displays on-line help for every screen
  • Contains a comprehensive online manual as well as a full tutorial
  • Get unlimited technical support through email
  • YES, there are more benefits to discover! Just email just and ask!

My Wedding Companion is "jam-packed" with the most features to help you plan your wedding. Get more "bang for your buck" than any other wedding software program in the market today!

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