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Task List

  • List of Wedding Tasks for the Bride
  • List of Wedding Tasks for the Groom
  • List of Wedding Tasks for Both Bride & Groom
  • List of Wedding Tasks for All
  • List of Completed Wedding Tasks
  • List of Incomplete Wedding Tasks
  • Monthly Calendar Report


  • Name and Address Change List
  • List Bride's Wedding Day Schedule
  • List Groom's Wedding Day Schedule
  • List Bride's Wedding Day Items
  • Honeymoon Packing Checklist
  • And Many More Checklists


  • List of All Guests
  • List of All Guests Invited to the Ceremony/Reception/Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party/Bachelor Party
  • List of All Guests Grouped By Category
  • List of All Guests in the Wedding Party
  • List of All Guests Invited by Bride/Groom
  • List of All Children/Guests with Children
  • List of All Out-of-town Guests
  • List of All Guests Who Need Accommodations
  • List of All Gifts Requested from Gift Registry
  • List of All Gifts You Have Received
  • List of All Gifts For Which You Have Not Sent Thank You Cards
  • List of All Gifts to Be Returned
  • List of All Seated Guests Sorted by Name
  • List of All Seated Guests Sorted by Table Number
  • List of All Unseated Guests
  • List Place Cards by Table Number
  • List Place Cards by Name
  • List of All Guests Invited, Responed, Attending, and Etc.


  • List of All Accessories


  • List of All Detailed Budget Information
  • List of Items Sorted by Who Should Pay for It
  • List of Items That Are Still Unpaid
  • List of Items Exceeding Your Budget
  • List of Items Which Are Below Your Budget
  • Graph of Actual Costs
  • Graph of Budgeted Costs

Gift Registry

  • List of Gift Registry Items

And Much More...

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