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"I am so overwhelmingly impressed of the capabilities of this software that you folks have. I had tried others but found this 'the best of the best.'" - Joe N. Leon Guerrero
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"What I like about it is that everything is organized in one place--plus, if I make a mistake or change my mind, changes can be made CLEANLY." - Aileen Yamachika, Gardena, CA
"Thank you very much!! I just love your product. It is by far the most useful item I've purchased to plan my wedding." - Sandy Antezana, future bride

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Recommended by the New York Times!

"My Wedding Companion(tm); is an excellent wedding planner that covers all the details. [It] is attractive, efficient, and easy to use." - Ziff Davis, publisher of PC Magazine and over a dozen other highly popular computer magazines.
"This is one of our 1,001 best downloads" - PC Computing Magazine
"By the way, I think your software is best that I have seen. I have looked at several and yours has the most features. I have been recommending it to several of the wedding coordinators and florist that I have been working with." - Sheila Cooper
"After looking at 3-4 other programs, this one is undoubtedly the MOST comprehensive! Great!" - Kristin Stanley, Royal Oak, Michigan
"I have compared My Wedding Companion(tm) to several other versions of wedding planning software, and I can tell you that nothing compares to what Five Star puts out. Not only is it the exclusive software product on the Brideline site, but we also use it for contests and prize giveaways." - Dan Licitra, president of Brideline
"I purchased my copy around May 1997 & LOVE IT!!! We are planning our own wedding & neither of us knew what all was involved, what we needed to arrange, etc. Your program has been a life saver, not to mention the money we are saving since we don't need to hire a consultant or get "ripped off" by settling for less from vendors/services." - Brett Lushina
"I am so overwhelmingly impressed of the capabilities of this software that you folks have. I had tried others but found this 'the best of the best.'" - Joe N. Leon Guerrero
"This software is going to be a life savor their is so much planning that needs to be done and this will definitely help to keep everything organized! Great job on the development of this software!" - Shelley Mazon
"I downloaded My Wedding Companion(tm); and have to say, this is great!!! I was not looking forward to all the grueling tasks involved in planning a wedding. But with this software it will make my wedding planning a lot easier and fun--how it should be. I showed this to my fiancé and he is just as excited as I am. THANK YOU for making my already hectic life easier." - Pamela Olivier, future bride
"I researched and looked around and tried out many samples, I liked this one the best. My Email Response time has been Incredible. I've never had to wait longer than a day to hear back with my questions or concern. So we thank you for that. - Glenn F Miller"
"For brides planning their own wedding, My Wedding Companion(tm); is the most comprehensive and most user-friendly software available." - Lisa M. Walls, Professional Bridal Consultant™, Carolinas state coordinator for ABC
"This is the most comprehensive, easiest to use, all around best wedding planning software we've seen. Should have ordered it much sooner." - Kino Clark
"Thanks, first of all, for designing a wedding program that is easy to use and fun to put valuable information on. The program is easy to use and doesn't have any problems that I have come across yet. Brides-to-be certainly need organization and I think that your program has helped me tremendously by staying more organized. Thanks once again!" - Kasey White
"By the way...I forgot to tell you that I think you're software package is the best...I'm sure you know that but I just had to tell you. It's helped a great deal so far and I look forward to using it every day. Great job 5-Star...!" - Mark Sauder, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, future groom
"Best program we could find out of the 5 top programs. I'm sure we'll have fun using it!" - Frank Boecherer, PC Specialists
"It is a wonderful program!!! Very organized! - Kristie A. Warman
"I was surfing the net and came across your program first. Being practical, I checked out any other software I could find but because of all of the features that you offer, along with an outstanding price, I went straight back to your site and ordered right away." - Lori, Lake Forest, CA
"This software is great. I downloaded two other wedding planning software and Wedding Companion is by far the best. I especially like the calendar task and the way I can monitor how many children will be in attendance." - Suzanne O' Connor
"I bought Wedding Workshop(tm); and think it is a total waste of my money; everything about it stinks. I found your software, downloaded it and love the interface and everything about. I want it immediately!" - Kimberly Anderson, California bride
"So far this is the greatest thing I have ever seen." - Denise Gray, Herndon, VA
"I looked through the search engine, downloaded and tried a few different versions of Wedding planners and found yours to be the best out of the ones I tried." - Antonio De Francesco, Sydney, Australia
"This is a great software. I have looked at other packages and found this one best suited for my needs." - Jonathan Adams
"You all did a terrific job on this program! It looks great, works well, and has just about all the features that one can use in planning a wedding from start to finish! I just wish that I had found it sooner because it would have really helped me when I was shopping around for vendors. I highly recommend your product to anyone that needs a complete wedding software package." - Christine Hsu, Software Engineer
"I reviewed a total of 8 different software programs and picked yours [above all of them!] Great job! - Gregg T. Alf, Ann Arbor, MI
"I found you when I was surfing the Internet and compared your program against several others and was most impressed!" - Tina M Sult, So. Portland, ME
"I have looked at Wedding Workshop(tm); as well as several other wedding packages and must say that they do not contain the same level of detail as your software has. It really is a quality product and very complete. I plan to order immediately." - Richard Bishop
"I purchased My Wedding Companion software last fall in preparation for my November 21st wedding! I cannot tell you how outstanding I have found this softward. It is FANTASTIC! I have recommended it many times to other brides-to-be that I've met on various internet bulletin boards." - Lisa Chavez, bride-to-be
"I used Infoseek for wedding software and liked yours the best. I think it is so helpful to be able to print separate events. Also, to be able to see who is not invited, in case anyone was left out." - Gretchen Arntson, future bride
"Your task list and checklists sold me....better than any other program I tried!" - Joel Brand
"I really like your software!" - Patricia Russell, Santa Monica, CA
"It's a marvelous program and will be invaluable in planning our wedding!" - James M. Lackovic, future groom
"Your web page is excellent-great marketing job!" - Davi S. Risi
"I've researched other programs for wedding planning, and yours seems to be the most comprehensive. I'm excited to see all it has to offer, and to put it to good use. Thanks for making one more bride happy!" - Inga Wren Herrmann, Boston, MA
"I love your software; it's the best I've seen so far and worth the money! I am extremely impressed with the software!" - Kim Magadia, San Leandro, CA
"Just wanted to let you know how much I like your product... I started to do some organizing on my own (with WordPerfect), but started to amass a fair amount of files, none of which interacted. (I'm sure if I were a computer whiz, I could have, if I had the time). Anyway, it has most of the features I was looking for, and I enjoy the ease of use." - Elin Goldstein, planning bride
"I am very pleased with the service and quick response your tech services have given and will certainly make this known." - Bob Vanderaegen
"I want to thank you for your quick response…you truly are a great resource to depend on to back up your product. Thank you again…Everything is the BEST…" - Erica Hansen
"I am very meticulous and organized. After I discovered your product, I immediately returned the Emily Post wedding program I bought from the bookstore because I found the software to be SO COMPLETE and helpful. It is very professional and well-designed!" - Ruth Musher, mother of the bride
"I downloaded the free copy of My Wedding Companion to try it and I love it! It is so much better than Emily Post and all the other wedding software out there. Believe me..I tried them all! I sent my order form in the same day and can't wait to get the real thing! Thanks!"
- Milleah Blumer <------very happy, organized bride!
"I'd like you to know your software is great! It's fun to use (lots better than a filecard box) and as organized as I am! Thanks for a great product!" - Sue Foster
"I reviewed seven different wedding planners and found yours to be the most thought out and detailed overall." - Wesley Roark
"This is a super package!" - Tracy O'Daniel, Denver, CO
"I cannot thank you enough for your promptness to my e-mail request for a registration number. I truly did not expect a response for several days. Your response took less than 24 hours and within minutes of receiving your e-mail with the registration number we started "planning". In fact, we love the program more now then ever since it is live data. A great feature is the importing of guests which cut a 6 hour data entry process into a three minute conversion from Microsoft Outlook." - Richard Kann, groom-to-be
"I don't know why I cannot find your program in ANY major computer store in Maryland. Yours is very good; all I can find is a cruddy application that is MILES behind yours." - John Donahue, Landsdowne, MD
"I like the details-you thought of everything. Less I have to think about, and most likely would have never thought about until it was too late. Well thought out program!" - Joseph C. Orwat, Lancaster, CA
"I am a wedding consultant and I got an email about your program so I decided to try it. It is THE BEST I have seen --and I have tried many. I plan on purchasing the regular version for my files to show clients, but I would like to let you know how impressed I was." -- Maria E. Quezada, bridal consultant
"I like EVERYTHING about your software! I bought 2 other highly-touted wedding software programs (Wedding Workshop(tm); and Weddings(tm); from Plan It!) which aren't good." - Jane S. Erisman, future bride
"I'm impressed!" - Scott Hammel
"Excellent, helpful program, especially the calendar feature" - Constance A. Davis
"I like the fact that it has everything you need to know, right down to the seating charts. Very convenient with everything at your fingertips!" - Suzanne Paschen
"You guys really did a good job with this product. Once I discovered it I didn't want to look any further for other competing products because I have found exactly what I was looking for to help me plan my wedding." - Jeff Stutz
"My friends have bought some other wedding packages from CompUSA and other retail stores, but those packages did not nearly have as many features and benefits as My Wedding Companion(tm);. In fact, they went ahead and bought their own copy of My Wedding Companion because it was so complete!" - Sandy Holloway, bride-to-be
"Having the downloadable version is a wonderful idea. We were looking for CD's from local stores and decided that we liked your product the best simply because we were able to test the interface as well as read about it…You have a very nicely structured web presence as well!!!" - Richard Kann, Palatine, IL
"I like how easy it is to organize everything on the spot. I also like the Windows(tm); interface." - Holly Brooks, Arlington Hts., IL
"Downloaded the demo and like it very much. Interested in recommending it to couples I do pre-marital counseling with." - Reverend Joseph Carter, Mt. Calvary Church, Elizabethtown, PA
"Just wanted to know that I love your program, and you should be receiving a money order in the next day or so for my registration…I'm getting married in April, and have been searching for a good wedding planner for months... you guys are great :) Thanks!" - Jennie Warrick
"Much better than The Emily Post Complete Guide to Weddings(tm);" - Joseph Gill, future groom
"I love this program!!! I think it will help with my wedding plans tremendously…" - Heather Morris
"I don't know what I could have done without it. It was so easy to use and so dependable. I was able to organize all my wedding details so easily; it really made my entire wedding planning process flow much easier! Thanks, Five Star Software, for literally keeping me sane!!!" - Mimi Tieu
"On first look, the package seems "slick", very thorough, very accommodating to user-desired custom changes, and very, very intuitive!" - R. Guffey
"We have been looking for wedding planner software for a couple of months and to our amazement, we couldn't find it! We looked at a couple of our local software stores and to no avail. Today, we found wedding software, but when we tried to install, it failed! bad disk. In our frustration I logged on to the net and browsed a software library and to my joy I found your software! We looked at your demo and love all the detail that is possible... Thanks for being there!" - Nanci Gutierrez and Mark Padron
"What I like about it is that everything is organized in one place-plus, if I make a mistake or change my mind, changes can be made CLEANLY." - Aileen Yamachika, Gardena, CA
"Great product! I am getting this copy for the person who is in charge of our reception. He has been in catering for years and is now getting married. He thought this sounded great so we are getting him a copy. I hope he finds it as useful as we have." - John Welu, Tecmark Services, Inc.
Here is also an excerpt from the Rachel's Ramblings Web page:
In September of 1996, I was informed of a software product called "My Wedding Companion". Wanting to try it out, but not having the time...I gave the job to nine of my friends. These friends include six brides, one relative (who's engaged but hasn't set the date) and two college students (who may have an interest in it soon!). These people are all people whose opinions I trust...but they usually never agree on anything! With "My Wedding Companion", the vote was unanimous. They all agreed that it was a good product...and I'll include some of their comments. "I can't believe how easy [to use] this was!", "I never ran across anything this program didn't cover", "The only program that seems to be compatible with my printer which means it doesn't waste my time" (*note-she has an old (archaic?) printer and computer and has had problems with other programs in the past for this reason*) and finally all of them said "easy to use, lots of fun and doesn't break the budget". While there were other comments, it would take up too much space to list them all.
Dear FiveStar,
After working with "Emily Post's Guide to Weddings" and after completing all my information and files, then getting the lovely message of "your files are corrupt", I was ready to cry. Not only did I get little to no help from them, but my files were no longer accessible. When I was ready to give up, I did a search on "weddings" on the net. I came across your site, and was seeing light at the end of a long tunnel. :)

When I called you up, I was treated very well. The woman couldn't have been more kind. I had some difficulty installing it, but the online manual was very complete and comprehensive. I called your technical support for more info, and was greeted by a man named Robert. He was very knowledgible in the software, and walked me through to find the problem, after that, it worked.

I wanted to share my happiness with you and commend you for the outstanding customer service, and extra ordinary software. If anything happens between today and 5/16/98, I have confidence it will be o.k. Your slogan is 100% true. Keep up the good work!

Shelby Glodowski,

"I always was a geat fan of this program. You are to be congratulated on a fine piece of work. Now that I have experienced the quality of your customer support - I will whole-heartedly recommend this package to everyone I know who is planning a wedding. Actually, I will end up using this program for more than just my daughter's wedding. In my work I often must plan large meetings - I think My Wedding Companion will work well for this purpose also." - Gary Engstrom, groom-to-be
"Thank you very much!! I just love your product. It is by far the most useful item I've purchased to plan my wedding." - Sandy Antezana, future bride
"I found out about the software while searching for info both on AOL and the internet. After finding out about it, I asked other recently married friends which/if any, planning software they had used. Of those that had used software, those that were the happiest with their software had used My Wedding Companion." - Kellee Dixon, Grand Rapids, Michigan
"I ordered your wedding planning software late last year to help in my planning for my October wedding. I just wanted to tell you that it has been most helpful in my planning! I'm right on track & your software program has had a substantial role in helping me get there. I compared several wedding planning software programs & chose yours. I have not been disappointed with my decision! Of all the purchases I've made for my wedding, your software was probably the best buy in the long run when you consider all the time & effort on my part that has been saved by using it! Thanks again." - Sellena Sartu
"Excellent product, will save a lot of headaches and arguments!" - Kristen Hazel

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